Find Your Divine Alignment with Cindy Kerr

Do you ever wonder if you're the only person in the world experiencing physical problems that no one seems to be able to explain? Have you been told your symptoms "are all in your head?"  Have your physical challenges impacted your sense of self-worth and made you doubt your purposefulness in life? Are there times when you feel absolutely alone as you struggle to regain your health and sense of wholeness?

Is traversing the healing path to wholeness easy? Well, if it were, the entire world would be unbroken and filled with love. In truth, it is the most courageous path you will ever choose and the best part is... you don't have to do it alone!

When the most valuable things have been removed from our lives, we have the potential to see with new eyes where we fit into the bigger Universal picture. Whether you have lost your physical health, are suffering with grief over an event in your life, have a belief system that keeps you frozen in a desperate situation or are in the midst of a spiritual crisis wondering why you are here, please know that there is a higher purpose for you experiencing all these things. Although it may not feel like it in the moment, it is why your soul agreed to come to Earth. There is a Divine design at work that seeks to help you become the best version of you possible.

We rarely make significant changes in our life when everything is moving along smoothly. Times of great struggle are actually the most sacred moments in our lives, most easily seen in retrospect. It is during these challenging times we have the opportunity to look at all the facets of ourselves, see which parts are crying out for love and healing and seek assistance to provide the necessary nurturing for restoration.

It is from this place of inquiry that we finally realize we are more than a physical body. We are amazing spiritual Beings in physical bodies that function most efficiently when all aspects of our Self: the physical body, emotions, thoughts and Higher Self (or spirit) are in alignment. This Alignment IS the Divine design. Finding this divine alignment is the healing path to wholeness.  

The love and compassion shining through my life experiences have called The Health Diviner into being. It is this essence that allows me to wisely, knowledgeably, compassionately, intuitively and safely guide you in your healing journey to wholeness.

It is my joy and privilege as The Health Diviner to take your hand and walk the healing path with you. You don't have to do this alone.