Meet Cindy Kerr, The Health Diviner

I came into this world with an unfathomable compassion for the suffering of all beings and an unquenchable desire to help people find relief and solace through the loving, ever-available assistance of the Divine. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a very deep connection with the Divine. Although raised in a typically American suburban family, I have recollections of interacting with angels at age 3 and by age 6 I was keenly aware that I could feel the pain of the adults, children and animals around me without anything ever being said out loud. I would often know the specific source of angst or where the physical problem was. Initially, this was very disturbing, because I didn’t know what to do with this information. It wasn’t anything that I could verbally share as it was not within the structure of my family, church or community to discuss such things. Instinctively I knew I needed to keep it all quietly tucked in my heart and just watch what unfolded. During this time of childhood and adolescence, I began to understand that this intangible information was never intended to cause me uneasiness but rather was a gift from the Divine. I dealt with all this incoming intuitive information by actively showing as much lovingkindness as I could to help others. It gave me some relief from all the secrets I held inside. I innately knew that I would eventually be able to apply this compassionate gift of insightful service in a spiritual or healing profession and was inspired to became a nurse.

At age 21, fresh out of nursing school, I married an incredible soul who had been paralyzed in a car accident when he was 2 years old. Gary Kerr was destined to create, do and teach by example, amazing things about the indomitable human spirit as we began an adventurous new life together.

During my decades as a hospital Registered Nurse, my curious mind enjoyably consumed all the medical knowledge, skills and science it could hold and my heart was happy and in alignment with this helping path. Gary was always supportive of my learning and willingly was my fellow "guinea-pig" in trying out various healing foods, herbs and modalities for healing.

As a musician, music has played a huge part in my life.  We all know that our own well-loved music is the best medicine. It eases the heart, creates peace within and without, lifts the spirit and allows for a clearer mind - all without adverse side effects. Often, as a young nurse, I would take my guitar to the hospital and go from room to room before bedtime, singing softly to my oncology patients, offering a respite from their pain. This was long before morphine drips and Music Therapy were standard practices.

In 1990, Gary and I created The Audio Gallery as our passionate expression to share the beauty and healing benefits of music through finely engineered audio systems curated with our expertise. Visit the Audio Gallery. The store was extremely successful for over 20 years and each day we witnessed the positive changes that were happening in the lives of our clients who listened to music regularly. We began reading esoteric books on philosophy, studying sacred geometry and its effects on vibration and successfully integrated this information into our business. This opened up discussions on the interdynamics, effects and application of sound; specifically various frequencies, rhythms and vibrations on the body, emotions, mind and spirit. It was a time of blossoming into the newly emerging field that most intrigued and called me – Quantum Physics. The science of subtle energy fields.

After sharing 35 years of an ever-interesting life filled with exploration, beauty and love, Gary passed in 2012. Intuitively, yet unseen to me, I knew there was a plan evolving for my highest good. I closed The Audio Gallery and opened to new possibilities in anticipation of what lay ahead.

The journey from there to here has been filled with possibilities, hope, magic, the adventures of new places, new people and many, many new experiences in my own healing journey.

Has it been easy?  No.

Has it been worth it?  Absolutely.

Would I recommend the path of radiant health by divine design?  You bet!

If you too are ready to walk the path to radiant health, find your divine alignment of body, emotions, mind and spirit and want guided support from one who truly understands your strengths and your struggles, I’m ready to take your hand and help you. I’d be honored to work with you!