What is the “Best” Diet for You?

I am often asked what is the “healthiest” or “best diet” one can adopt. What I have found to be consistently true is that the healthiest diet is one which most avoids those foods to which you are sensitive. Food sensitivities invariably contribute to inflammation in your body, resulting in the perfect terrain for the seeds of various dis-eases to grow. 

When someone has no idea what foods they are in resonance with, but they choose – perhaps intuitively if they’re lucky, to gravitate to a specific type of diet, they will get results based on the side effects of their unbeknownst to them intolerances.

For example, if one is allergic or “highly sensitive” to processed sugars, grains, legumes, nuts, yet can tolerate a wide variety of animal proteins, vegetables and fruits, a low carbohydrate, ketogenic diet may prove to be the most balanced for that individual because it directly avoids the foods that are reactive to that body.

One who is intolerant or allergic to animal proteins, soy, grains, legumes and dairy and yet is most resonant with plant proteins, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables will find a “High Raw” or Vegan diet to be most supportive of their needs.

One who is in resonance with animal proteins, dairy and most all vegetables and fruits will thrive on a paleo-based diet.

As you can see, it’s not about “the diet,” it’s about how supportive the diet is to the individual’s specific food resonances and is best able to minimize exposure to their intolerances.

I am a Certified Raw Nutritionist and Raw Chef, but I am not a dogmatist! I have found in observing (and experiencing first-hand) many of the “best” diet theories that there is no “one size fits all diet” that works for everyone. 

If someone tells you their diet is the only ”right” way to eat, question it. The “right” diet for you is the one that best supports YOUR unique body’s resonance with various foods that support your individualized health needs. 



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