What people are saying about the Unique Body Blueprint

You are a Godsend and a blessing in a multitude of ways.

"As a professional Face Reader, I have the advantage of knowing more about people at a glance than the average person would. I put this gift into practice, especially when it comes time to do business with someone on a topic as sensitive as my health.  If I don’t see the features that indicate this person has the qualities of a good healer or nutritionist for example, my decision will be based accordingly.

In my video consultation call with Cindy, I immediately saw not only a very kind, nourishing nature which indicated she would be really good with nutrition and healing, I also saw a genuine passion for helping others as well as a warm, loving, positive, optimistic nature; someone who is going to take a stance for what she thinks is right for her clients. Another pattern indicated a persistence, so to speak, when it comes to her clients, to find an answer even if she doesn’t have an immediate one ….give her time, she’ll find one for you!

I also saw a highly intuitive nature and high sense of integrity. Very high standards with a deep sense of quality and refinement.   Lastly, a very genuine and giving nature and the desire to provide others with a beautiful experience. I knew I would be in good hands. So, needless to say I felt really good about working with Cindy.  

I have been dealing with unusual health and food related issues most of my life and had never been able to get any answers as to what was going on, or what to do about it.  I’m talking about everything from Epstein Barr Virus to low blood sugar, low blood pressure, extreme and unexplained food sensitivities, allergies, liver symptoms, low energy, hormone imbalances for close to a decade, difficulty sleeping, focus, etc... I just figured I was blessed with one of those delicate bodies. 

From my first conversation with Cindy, she started unlocking multiple mysteries about what was happening and why.  I thought to myself, if she can see this from the initial conversation I can’t wait to see what she uncovers in a full energy scan.  I was blown away to say the least!  I’ve spent so much money over the years on not only other practitioners providing merely a hefty bill, but bags full of supplements and no results.  I was already getting answers in our initial consultation. 

Since working with Cindy, the hot flashes have gone (that in itself would have been worth it alone), I’m able to eat certain foods I love again without symptoms, I’m sleeping really well every night, I’m more regular and am losing stubborn weight.  I've gained a clearer sense of focus and a deeper feeling of gratitude, as well as an overall better feeling of well-being and energy.  There are so many things…too many to list here, but wanted to provide a brief list.

If you’re ready for someone with real information customized and tailored for you specifically, providing answers to questions you’ve been looking for, then look no further!  Cindy is warm, gentle, thorough, patient, funny, ethical, and addresses every aspect of you….body, heart, mind and soul.  Her information is both fascinating and amazing and she is an absolute delight to work with.

Cindy, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done and continue to do! Huge gratitude to you!"

Julie Parker 

The results came quickly and are much more than I could have ever dreamed.

"Cindy, receive my deepest gratitude for the life-changing healing and renewed vitality I have experienced in just 6 months of implementing your one-of-a-kind Your Unique Body Blueprint™ program (YUBB).  Your holistic, energetic approach using the synergy of healing applications for one's unique body, mind and soul is a powerful dynamic that has created a profound healing experience for me!  As you know my health had not improved after several years of working with natural medical doctors… something was missing. Your Unique Body Blueprint™ arrived in my life at just the right time, providing a multi-dimensional approach to understanding and healing my body's specific needs.  With Your Unique Body Blueprint™ I received precise guidance in detail that targeted what my body needed to nourish, replenish and create healing energy.   Your professional and intuitive expertise using the uniqueness of radiesthesia was the "magic" or missing informational ingredient that brought forth my body and mind's innate healing potential.  The results came quickly and are much more than I could have ever dreamed ~to regain my health with a new glowing radiance and vitality.  The transformation was due to the YUBB and the supportive, wisdom guided coaching sessions filled with your unwavering compassion, commitment and joyful spirit. My deepest appreciation and love to you for creating the life-transforming Your Unique Body Blueprint™ program."

 Christina M,  Physical Therapist,  Los Angeles, CA

I happened upon Cindy at just the right moment.

“Before being introduced to Cindy Kerr, I wasn't sure where my health was heading... continually perplexed at why I wasn't able to get to the bottom of my issues. I was seeing a local naturopath, and though this helped somewhat, I could still not make sense of why I wasn't in harmony with my life. Luckily, I am more of an optimist looking for truth and as life will go, I happened upon Cindy at just the right moment. Sensing the whole picture is where Cindy shines. She didn't leave anything to chance. If I had further concern, she would get back to me quickly; never leaving me in the dark. 

I believe that Cindy is a gift to anyone looking for the light; the steady glow of health that we all deserve. Her energy is simply the best I could ever ask for! Thank you, again, Cindy, for all you have done for me - you rock!"

Chris Shore, Musician & Entrepreneur 

"It has been such a relief to find Cindy." 

I have definitely experienced benefit from using Your Unique Food Sensitivities Blueprint!  I am no longer trying to fit into a number of diet molds designed to suit the greatest number of people – these foods are attuned to my body’s unique needs. The blueprint illuminated some new things (I never knew I was allergic to nuts, for example) that explain why some of my past efforts failed. The greatest and most unexpected change is that I’m sleeping better; I sleep soundly for 8 hours every night. Food-wise, I feel at ease when I eat foods from the list. Nagging joint pain has lessened and bloating I didn’t even realize I had is gone. I can feel a distinct cognitively dulling and abdominal discomfort when I stray from the list, which goes away as soon as I get back on track. The supplements Cindy suggested are also working wonders. Our consultation revealed I needed some immune support, which I have been taking for about a month now. When a bug was going around and everyone (including my boyfriend!) got sick, I remained unabated. I would highly recommend getting a blueprint to anybody!

Liz Gonzales, Graduate Student USC

"Cindy saved my life!" 

After years of unexplained physical symptoms, Cindy cracked the code on foods and products that resonated with my body.  She gave me the practical tools to help me shop for foods in stores and brands that will not just make me feel physically better but mentally as well.  I feel like I learned how to eat for the first time in my life.  Thank you Cindy for giving me smarter solutions to life the life of my dreams.  I am so grateful for your gifts."

Stacey Canfield, End of Life Educator & Professional Soul Sitter