Your Unique Food Sensitivities Blueprint™

Your Unique Food Sensitivities Blueprint™ is a tremendous blessing for those suffering with food sensitivities who have perhaps determined bits and pieces of their health puzzle through elimination diets but would like to know exactly which foods resonate with their body, which foods do not and have a metric to determine how severe the reaction or intolerance may be if they eat the foods not in resonance.  I also include an energetic evaluation of the most common female or male hormone levels (respective to the client) so you can work with your preferred healthcare provider or nutritionist and best choose a plan of remediation.  There are numerous other lifestyle and diet items that I also check, including daily protein and water requirements for your body, Acid/Alkaline balance, your native circadian rhythm,  particular activities, specific essential oils, metal toxicity and sensitivities, common nutrient deficiencies and other items that choose to be voiced by your body. These are all read in accordance with your body’s unique energy field.